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              We promote wellness in everything we do, from product design and product durability ensures you WOW enjoyment. We make every movement count. With our professional coach training and motivation, you will reach your fitness goals. Fully furnished gyms and specially crafted exercise routines for your goals. Training will provide a constant challenge to better yourself. Gym Club has evolved so you can transform your life.

We provide:

Health Check ensure you achieve your fitness goals.   
                       -Body Composition Monitor
                        Checking your Body Fat Percentage, Body Mass Index (BMI),                                    Skeletal Muscle, Resting Metabolism, Visceral Fat,  Body Age and                            Body Weight

                       Provide you most suitable fitness enable you to achieve                                            your fitness goals

                        -Blood Pressure Monitor
                         Monitor your heart rate
                         Provide suitable Cardiovascular exercise ensure reduce your                                   high  blood and cardiovascular disease

Professional Trainer ensure you are motivate
                       – Head Trainer and Trainer will give you One to One exercise                                     experience ensure you achieve your fitness goals in the short                                 time

Body Movement Class
                      – We provide professional coach for Zumba, Yoga and kick boxing                            classes.

Completed Facilities in town ensure you have the best enjoyment in the gym

                     – Motivate Music
                       Pumping your fitness bloods with our high-quality sound system

                     – Sauna Room
                       Infrared technology with music

                      – Shower Room
                        Frees towel usage
                        Free shower gel and shampoo

                      –  Full Air conditioner
                         Everywhere you go

                       – TV and Projector TV
                         Ensure you enjoy your favourite’s sports during exercise

                       – Complementary Coffee
                         Ensure your mind calm and peaceful, enjoy before/ after                                          workouts

                       – Maxler Protein & Juice Bar
                         Ensure your body needs is always there after/before workouts

Hygiene and Safety
                       – We guarantee a cleanliness environment
                       – We maintain regularly for every equipment’s ensure you able                                 use  it safely

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